9 ways to boost Sidekiq performance correctly in practical experiences

Lots of people miss crucial settings and use Sidekiq in poor efficiency way

I am preparing for the IELTS exam, so i’m trying to write articles in english. If you find any grammatical errors or technical issues, please do not hesitate to correct me in reply section below...

Easy way to remember 120 numbers of pi

Amazing story to remember 120 numbers

3.14 15 92 65 一隻鸚鵡站在酒店小二身上手上拿著尿壺躲在鞋櫃裡面 35 89 79 珊瑚上面有著芭蕉圖案的氣球掛在沙發上 32 38 46 嫦娥和山胞一起坐在客廳裝上吃糧食 26 43 38 溜冰鞋和濕傘被山胞拿著掛在電視上 32 79 50 窗外看出去嫦娥拿著氣球跟武林高手打架 28 84 19 惡霸坐在巴士裡面後面跟著一台救護車想要衝去煮飯 71 69 39 ...

Learn React Note - Day1

Take notes anything are important

Using State Correctly // Wrong this.state.comment = 'Hello'; Instead, use setState() // this will trigger rerender // Correct this.setState({comment: 'Hello'}); Do Not Modify State Directly // ...

What is Vuex? What can it do?

Useful data control flow


Those vocabulary that you never remember

Amazing vocabulary

Special unorthodox paradox orthodontics Synonym increase sharply / slightly / gradually / steadily be junior / senior / prior / superior / inferior aim / goal / target /objective...

Collect all useful sentence and emphases in writing

Trick in writing

Illustrate the chart needs some skill to find out emphases, so those are the most commonly used technique below. In addition have some awesome phrases and vocabulary could get great score. Wha...